Tulum, Mexico pt 3

Mexico's aquifer system is unique and exciting because of its topography. There are so many cave swimming holes where you can snorkel into the caves. I'm not brave enough to try cave scuba diving, although many people here do that. The cave system is much more open and large than in Florida allowing for numerous long dives between the cenotes. It's incredible. At Parque Dos Ojos we swam into several large cave chambers and one of them was completely enclosed and had an opening where bats would fly in and out. There were 4k bats inside the cave. It was nice to swim into the caves and see the bats. Seeing the underwater caves is also amazing because the visibility in the cenotes is so clear and the water is so fresh. They gave us flashlights as part of tour and we could see further into the cave. It all comes from rainwater apparently, so the water is crystal clear like in the photos. You can see everything very visibly. There were no obstructions. I was amazed by the caves underwater because the chambers are so huge. There were large stalagmites and its really awe inspiring. I also went to a few other very interesting cenotes that were very picturesque and beautiful. The cenote Nichte Ha was one such cenote where the photographs were incredible and the underwater scene was also amazing. There were many large fish swimming around and it seems the habitat is well maintained for the lotuses and scenery to be beautiful. Although many people visit there to take a dip it seems as though the cenote itself was very alive. There was also a large cave opening to swim into as well and some divers came up from within the cave at one point. Peering into the depts of the cave system was really amazing. I was surprised how far I could see without a flashlight. 


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