Yaqing Si, Sichuan

I arrived to Yaqing. I got into the car with a monk at Baiyu. They loaded the car full of as full of stuff inside and outside the car. A cute old couple sat in the back and I sat next to two men. We drove the full four hours to a small town.  I arrived and immediately the group started to jump out of the car to pick up the small black caterpillars. I had no idea what they were doing. Eventually, I realized they were saving the caterpillars from being run over in the road. I went to Yaqing hotel, which only had rooms for 120. I had lunch in the little chine restaurant next door. I ended up walking across the campus to a different hotel which allowed me to sleep upstairs in their cafeteria for only 25 kuai. I was going to sleep on their maroon I passed by the temple which had a loudspeaker of some of the people chanting inside. It reminded me of some of the muslim areas that I had visited. Then I got to the hostel. I slept on some of their chairs.



After I checked in, I headed to the main monestary again where I heard the chanting and I took photographs. The entire hall was full of monks. I had no idea what was going on or if this was a normal occurrence. They were all chanting in unison with the buddhas all over the walls. I watched them get served yogurt and tea, and then they arranged the small round things with the rice, fuck I forget what all of this stuff is called. I sat there for an hour or more with them while they chanted. It was truly incredible. Afterwards,  I went to get some snacks and ended up getting some sweets from a handmade Chinese sweet shop. They were tasty. I walked over to the area with the nuns and as I arrived and sat down, shortly afterwards they all got up, so I followed them. They began to line up and there were a few ladies in the front with conch shells and the large reed instruments. They started walking, and lining up, all of the nuns came out of the temple together and threw on a yellow shawl. They started walking somewhere, and I had no idea where they were going. We walked around the field together with the oboes blaring. It was a big circle.  There was a big festival happening for the death of a famous lama. So there were more than the usual people here. Afterwards I went to eat dinner and a nice Tibetan girl sat with me and ate dinner. Then I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning and went back to the temple and then to the nunnery. I sat with the nuns and they offered me some of their tea. I left and went to a temple where they were offering butter lamps. I ate some noodles for breakfast. I went and did some prayer wheels. I went back to the hostel for a moment and then decided to leave because they were burning plastic in the wood burning stove again. I had to get up so I left to explore some more buildings, and eventually got some baozi snacks and fried bread. After a while of resting then I took a long walk over to the neighboring village which was made in a rock quarry. They had a lot of rocks they were pounding into smaller piece with axes. I wanted to see the small temples up there, but it seems that it had disappeared once I got over there. I got a ride back to the temple. I walked to some of the temples that I hadn’t seen yet, like the lama’s temples and their paraphernalia. I walked to the top where guru Rinpoche was and watched the nuns circle around the grasslands from the hill above. I wanted to see the head lama of the temple speak and then I walked around until he started class. I attended class for a short while. Then I went to get a closer look at the main temple now that all of the people were gone. It was beautiful. There was still rice on the floor.. I tried to similarly see the nunnery but it was closed.

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