Dzogchen, Sichuan

I got in a car the next morning to go to Dzogchen. When I arrived, I went immediately to the hostel, had some snacks and then went to take a nap. After the nap, I got up and walked over to a temple. There were several foreigners. Then I noticed that inside the temple there were also several foreigners. I asked them if they were doing renovations, and they said no, only preparations. Afterwards, then I met a nice monk and we chatted for a bit, and then found out it was Patrul Rinpoche, who is actually quite renown in Europe and throughout the world. I found out there would be a Vajrasattva empowerment practice the next day and that I was invited to join in. I walked around the temple complex to Pema Tung, and then enjoyed the property a bit.



I took many photos of people adding lights to the complex. I went back and tried to do some kind of official registration. Then I went to the top of the mountain for the sunset. I wanted to see Patryl rinpoche’s cave, which was (I found out from a man in a small house) that it was on the very top of the mountain. I enjoyed the journey to the river so much, and I had perfectly enough time to see over the entire valley. I did not have enough time to go to the cave unfortunately, and I would be unable to do so since I joined the retreat. I was thrilled a retreat was happening. It’s very good timing for me, and I have exactly enough time to do it.

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