Road Trip Garzi, Sichuan

I left Yaqing in a car with one monk and a Chinese girl and several others. We were going to give our respects to a higher lama. It ended up taking 3 hours. We went to one temple and he wasn’t there, and then we went to another temple situated up on a hill. There was an old man living in his original home which had been somewhat enshrined in the new building. They also gave respects to their lineage. Afterwards we went to the area below with several tents. We arrived and they were serving some bread and yogurt for lunch. We sat, had tea, and waited for the lama to finish his lunch and then we got to sit with him for a few moments and ask for blessings. I really liked the journey, even though it was out of oru way. Then we went to Ganzi. The landscape along the way was beautiful. I dozed off for most of the trip. We arrived and I said goodbye. I found a car for the next day to Ganzi. Afterwards, I walked to a hotel, and at the same time another lady walked up. We ended up sharing a room together. We went to eat at the Tibetan restaurant and had tea, dumplings, and yogurt with buckwheat powder. Afterwards, we went to the hotsprings together and did a soak in the pool. It was really nice company.

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